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Roofing is not the kind of work just anyone can do or wants to do, but having a good roof over our heads now that’s something everyone wants. Many people shingle their own roof but there are many reasons why you might want to hire someone to do it for you.
1. Not everyone is comfortable with heights.
2. Safety is a big factor.
3. For some it may be know how though it is not hard to learn.
4. Time is sometimes a controller as well

Most of the time it is one of the first two that causes a homeowner to hire someone to put a new roof on their house and these are important considerations. Before you put a new roof on your house here are some things to keep in mind whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

roofing repairsThere are many different types of roofing available today and the life expectancy of your roof depends on several factors; type of roofing, quality of material, proper ventilation, and how harsh the weather elements are in your area. On the average a roof can last anywhere from 10 – 100 years depending on the material used and with regular maintenance and normal weathering conditions.

The most common roofing material is asphalt shingles 15 – 40 years. Wood shakes or shingles which are not as common as they used to be 5o years ago last 10 – 40 years. Metal roofing has changed over the last 10-20 years and there are some real stylish and quality metal roofs out there which last 20 – 45 years. Built up roofing usually lasts 12 – 20 years but it is mostly used commercially and only on flat roofs. Specialty material like slate or tile can last up to 100 years under good conditions and is often seen on church roofs. The only type that can be easily done by the home owner is the asphalt shingles.

roofing repairsWhen leaks start moisture can seep through a small crack in roofing material that may not be visible and the water may collect in an adjacent area. Only a close inspection of the roof will be able to detect such damage. A certified roofing contractor will know what to look for. Your roof should be inspected regularly especially as it gets older as the constant weathering by sun, heat, rain, snow, hail, wind, and cold will cause your roofing material to break down.

If you are going to call someone to look at and fix your roof (which is what I recommend), a certified roofing contractor should be the one you call. He will be able to avoid further damage to your roof, and/or personal injury to you the homeowner caused by trying to do it yourself.

Be aware that while there are a lot of roofing contractors out there, not all certified. A certified, experienced contractor offers various services.

From completely tearing off an old roof and replacing it with a new one, to inspecting and “certifying” an existing roof. If the latter is chosen it is a process in which the roof is inspected and “guaranteed” to function properly for a certain period of time; usually 2 years. The contractor takes responsibility for any necessary roofing repair during that period.

roofing repairsA certified contractor is knowledgeable of roof system types, materials, and installation procedures best suited to each project, and will ensure there is adequate venting. When a roof is done right it and the soffit system should be properly vented to prevent over-heating and moisture retention, two factors that can cause a roof to break down prematurely.

Selecting a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Make sure you ask the potential roofing contractors questions such as whether or not they are licensed and bonded. They should carry liability insurance coverage; ask whether it is up to date. Ask which roofing products they are licensed and approved to work with, for product and warranty purposes. Also ask if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau or any regional or national trade organizations.

There are also several resources available to find a certified roofing contractor. The best is sometimes a referral from a friend or neighbor, who has had their roof done, but local building centers can help, and web sites like www.handycanadian.com offer a list of contractors and can help you find a listing of certified roofing contractors in your area.

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