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Now that we have a foundation, something to build on, we can start building. The first thing is to make the floor structure. You could use 2×4 joist but you would need to put extra supports in the middle and make them all level. Instead we will use 2×6 which can span the 8’ direction. Hip roof ShedDepending on what you are planning on putting in the shed you could put your joist on 24” centers but I prefer to put them on 16” centers as this makes a much stronger floor. Lay out the floor and nail the 8’ joist cut to 93” long between two 120” 2×6, on 16” centers. You will only need a single joist header as we are sitting it on top of a 4×4. If you choose to not use the 4×4’s and you could build it this way you will need to double the joist headers and I would recommend you use all PT joist material as it will be sitting very close to the ground. After you have it nailed together (always use 3.5” nails when nailing through 2” material), center it on the foundation and 4×4’s then fasten it down with nails.
Tip: when you lay out the joist start with one on the end and then the first one at 15.25” to the edge of the 2×4 then the rest at 16” centers that way your floor sheeting will go from the edge to a middle of a joist.
This will help us not waste material. The next step is to get the floor sheeting down. For this we will need 5/8” tongue and groove plywood. For our 8’ x 10’ shed we will need to buy 3 sheets. Nail it down with 2.5” ardox or ring nails and you could also use a construction adhesive to help secure the plywood to the joist though it is not necessary for a shed.
TIP: Use a chunk of 2×4 to hit against when you drive the sheets together so you don’t damage the tongue or groove as this will make the next sheet difficult to install and destroy some of the connection between the two sheets.
Hip roof ShedWe now need to build the walls. Again we will use 2×4’s, this time though, lay them out on 24” centers as this is plenty good enough. Don’t forget the same tip applies here by taking ¾” off the first dimension to the edge of the first stud will make your sheets splice in the center of your studs also the front is on the 10’ side so these walls will be eight feet long. We will build our walls 3’ 6” tall top to bottom so a half sheet of exterior sheeting will cover the wall top to bottom and the floor joist. This means our studs should be cut at 3’ 3” long. We will only use a single top and bottom plate but we will need to place our roof rafters directly over top of each stud as a single top plate is not strong enough to carry the roof load in the middle between two studs. With the hip roof shed we are constructing it is easier to just frame to two side walls first, then build the roof, then fill in the end walls where we will have our door and window. (note do not nail these in place until after you make your rafters which we will talk about in the next step) After building the walls stand them up on each side and nail them down. It is helpful to use some short 2×4’s or scrape material braced back to the floor to hold the walls plumb at each corner so that when we build the roof they aren’t moving around on us.

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