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Often this is the part that gets confusing for a lot of people. It is probably the most difficult part both to describe and to do but I think you can do it.
TIP: If you draw it out fill size on your floor before you put the walls up it can really help you get all the angles correct.
This is the way I will describe it. Our roof will be across the 10’ side and we want the overall height of the peak to be 8’ so our floor works perfect to lay it out. Take a 2×4 and lay it on one side of the floor flush with the out side and draw a line on the inside of it. This will simulate the wall so measure up from the bottom 3.5’ and draw a line. Hip roof Shed In the attached drawing you can see the layout I am talking about. The top above the line in the middle is what we are going to make. Now go to the top and mark the center. Now measure 36” either side of center and take that point and move it down 12”. This is where the hip of the roof will be. Now connect that line with the top of the wall. If you place a 2×4 tight below the line and mark the other side you will see how the 2×4’ connect with each other. From this pattern you can figure out the angles you will need to cut on your 2×4 rafters in order for them to fit together. If you have drawn things out accurately there will be two pieces on each side of the roof that will be the same.
Tip: Cut one side first (2 pieces, the top flatter piece and the steep angled piece) and fit them together to make sure you have done things right and also check to see if they fit the same on the other side of the roof.
Now that you have the angles figured out we need to make 5 trusses each with the four pieces. So you might as well cut them all. Now lay one set out on your floor on the pattern and nail some plywood gussets across the joints, one on each side of the roof and one at the peak. You can make the gussets out of some of the plywood floor sheeting that you had left over. They need to be at least 12” long so they go 6” each side of the joint. They should be cut so they fit along the top edges of the 2×4’s and should reach to the bottom of the 2×4”s but don’t need to fit the bottom angles. They should be nailed on with 1.5” (no shorter) roofing nails about every 2” so lots of nails. You need to nail one of these on each side of our truss. So after you get the 3 nailed on the one side carefully flip it over and nail them on the opposite side. Now one more step before we are done. Cut and nail a 2×4 across the roof truss just above the hip gusset. This will strengthen up our truss a lot. In the same way you can make your other 4 trusses. Now that wasn’t so bad after all was it? If you really don’t want to do this you could go to your local truss manufacturer or lumber yard and have them made but I am sure you can do it.

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