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Before we start our sheeting we need to finish the framing of the end walls now that we have the roof built. We need a door in one end and I would like a window in the other. The door we will frame in at 48” wide and 6” tall so we will have two 24” inch wide doors. For the window you could buy an inexpensive basement window from the lumber yard or just frame it say 24” square and then buy some glass and install it with some molding on each side. Hip roof ShedThe framing like the other walls can be on 24” centers. Lay a 2×4 on the floor from wall to wall and nail it down, then lay out the door and window first. After you have the studs on each side of the door and window then lay out the other studs. Where the studs are doesn’t matter as much as long as the plywood will splice on them correctly and they are not more than 24” apart. You will also need two 2×4’s on edge for a header above the door and good practice is having a double 2×4 on each side of the door with one under the header 2×4’s to support them.
Tip: Stand a stud up each place you want a stud make it plumb and then mark and cut the top to fit the rafter. This is the easiest way to get them to fit right on this style of roof.
Now that all the studs are in place we can put on the exterior sheeting. There are many products available to do this. You could just use an exterior grade plywood and paint it or you could use a decorative plywood exterior sheeting. Another way of doing it would be to use an exterior wood lap siding. Finally though not an exhaustive list you could use vinyl lap siding, though this will demand you put on an exterior sheeting of some kind first. I like to use a wood lap siding for the looks but for this project we will use a decorative plywood sheeting that looks like vertical boards as it will give us a good look and yet is cost effective. As you install the exterior sheeting you will need to make sure your framing stays plum with some bracing. If you spaced them on 24” centers the plywood will splice on a stud just the way it is supposed to. The sheeting should cover the outside of the floor joist as well. If you cut a sheet in half making two 4×4 sheets this will work perfect for the side walls. When nailing the exterior plywood you should be using 2” or 2.5” galvanized nails so they don’t rust over time.
Tip: If you stand the sheets up on the end and trace the angles of the roof it will be a lot easier to get the angles right.
Don’t forget to cut out the door and window openings.
Once the walls are sheeted we can also sheet the roof with some plywood. I prefer to use a ½” plywood or aspenite. Our shed will not have any overhang on the ends or the eave so cut the plywood flush with your exterior sheeting. You will find that you can get each section of roof out of one sheet of plywood. After the sheeting is on we need to install some 1×4” pine boards along the ends of the roof as a facer board with the top edge flush with the surface of the roof sheeting. The pine will paint well and stand up to the weather better than most woods.
The next step will be getting the roofing on.
How are you doing? By now it is starting to take shape and I bet it’s looking great.

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