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There again are many products we could put on the roof but asphalt shingles are the easiest to do. There are a number of different styles and colors of asphalt shingles to choose from but I am going to choose a notched layered type in a light brown color that will look a lot like cedar wood shingles. They are a little more expensive then most but we will only need four bundles so the extra overall cost will not be that much and the look will be really great.
The first thing we need to do is put on a metal roof edging. This extends the shingles out away from the siding about 1 inch so that the water running off the roof will not get in behind and rot out the siding.
Tip: I use 1.25” roofing nails to nail both the starter and the shingles. They are long enough to hang on to and yet easy to nail in.
Hip roof ShedNext lay a roll of 15lb. felt on the roof though you could get away without the felt it is always a good idea and is a must on a house roof. Now take a few shingles (just enough to make one row on each side of the roof) and cut the bottom 3 or 4 inches off of them. Then turn them upside down for a first row of shingles along the eave. This gives the second layer of shingles that the rest of the roof will have. I like to let the shingles hang about ¼” over the edge of the starter at the eave of the roof and about ½” at the ends of the roof. Now the biggest thing to remember is that the shingles should be staggered length wise about 6” so that the roof won’t leak. If you look at picture #2 you can see what I mean. Start applying the shingles at one end of the roof and when you get to the opposite end trim your shingle off to fit the edge of the roof with the ½” overhang. Hip roof Shed
Tip: If you take your waste piece from the one end of the roof you can often use it to start or finish the other end of the roof making sure if you use the three tab shingles to keep them lined up and on all shingles that they lap correctly.
There will be a tar strip about half way up the shingle and I nail just above that with one nail at each end and two equal space along the length of the shingle (on a three tab shingle one nail just above each shadow line). There are two ways to gauge the distance of lap up the roof. On the three tab shingle the bottom of the next layer should be just above the cut outs. On all other shingles there is a small cut on the ends of the shingles that give you the distance to the top of the shingle below. Hip roof ShedWhen you get to the hip of the roof just let the shingles warp over the hip and continue to shingle as before. When you get to the top of the roof just let them lap over the ridge a little. When you get both sides done this far we need to then apply the cap shingles on the ridge. Cut a shingle into 3 equal pieces which will make 3 cap pieces. You will need approx. 18 of these pieces so cut 6 shingles up to start with. Start applying these to the ridge at the end of the roof away from where the wind comes from the most. Fold them in half with your hand and then set them on the ridge this will help them fit the roof and put one nail on each side. Lap them the same amount as when you put them up the roof and when you get to the finished end trim the last one to fit the roof. Now we have a water tight shed. Next the finishing touches.

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