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There are again many ways of doing things and the reason I keep saying this is when it comes to design there is no wrong way, just different ways. So when it comes to finishing your shed you could paint it with a good exterior paint or stain it with an exterior stain. The difference between the two is paint builds a protection on the surface and stain penetrates the wood and protects more from within. Another difference that will also determine which you use is dependent on the color and finish you wish to achieve. Stains tend to have a flat finish and don’t come in bright colors while with paint you could achieve bright colors and a gloss finish. I like to use stains for the penetrating aspect and they work well for a mat finish which will give a natural look and help it blend into my back yard. I am going to use a brown stain to the whole exterior of my shed with a little darker brown on the trims just for a little contrast.
Tip: Don’t cheap out on the finish. The better the quality paint or stain you use the more it will insure your shed is around and looking good for a long time.
Go to your local paint supply store and get advice from them on the products they have available and which one you wish to use. Also, guys, do what the instructions say to do for your particular product. Prep the walls correctly and use a good primer when painting. All these details are important if you want a shed that lasts.
 How to build a Hip roof ShedTo the right is a picture of a shed painted red with white trim and it looks great. You will notice there are some differences in the design. It is taller with 6’ high walls and has a small window over the door.

This brings me to some options.
1. You could easily do the same thing all you need to do is adjust the height of the side walls and the amount of siding needed to cover those walls and the rest is the same.
2. You could use the building for a play house for your kids instead of as a shed. For this you might like to have only a single door in the front and inside build a loft with a ladder up to it for them to get up on and look out the upper window (if the shed was built taller like the picture). You might also use a window that would open.
3. You could use this for a pump house for your pool equipment or a change room. You could also put some solar panels on the roof to heat your pool and extend the days it could be used in the spring and in the fall. It would look great beside a pool.
4. You could use some corrugated clear fiberglass or Lexan panels on the roof instead of shingles and make it into a small green house to get your plants going early in the spring and ready to go into your garden.

The ideas are numerous and these suggestions are only to stimulate your mind and help you to be creative. I am pleased with how my shed project turned out, how about you?

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