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As we learned last time research has shown that only 20% of people keep all the necessary things they use regularly in their kitchen. Even those things that should always be at hand, such as dishes, cups, pans, utensils, electric devices are kept in spare places. Some things, are kept all over the house, and are hard to find when they are most needed.

Making Your Kitchen More FunctionalSo let’s look at some more design features of a modern kitchen that cabinet manufacturers are creating today to make it easier to keep things better organized which saves time and effort.

Moveable sections of cupboards are good for large and small kitchens. They are not bulky so can be used to make food preparation more convenient. A cabinet like this rolls out easily, and can contain food in the latticed boxes so it is easily visible and can be accessed from any side. It is easy to roll the section back in place with the last inches being pulled into position automatically. If you equip your kitchen with moving cupboards, it is possible to adapt your kitchen storage very easily.

For those, who prefer their cupboards to cover the whole wall, we recommend multi-tier cupboards. If you set an oven ergonomically, there will be no need to bend over. There is also a great range of hidden storage systems, which allow you to use corners, niches, empty spaces effectively. This is really important as a problem in kitchens with corners as there seems to be a lot of waste space because of accessibility problems. One such device for example is a three-level micro lift which lowers a shelf with all of its content to allow for accessibility.

Making Your Kitchen More FunctionalHere are a number of other possibilities.
There are a lot of roomy sliding baskets of different sizes. It is possible to use these in different places. One such place is under the sink where it is convenient to keep all the detergents in a sliding basket.
Various open units, such as shelves, niches or wall panels give additional possibilities for space saving and designs.
Such accessories as hooks for ladles etc.
A stand for bottles and glasses or to be used as a plate drier
Appliances for paper towels
Trivets for hot things
A drop-leaf serving table on wheels with sliding cutting board is very useful. The lower open shelf for the piles of sparkling clean plates, become an element of your kitchen.

Making Your Kitchen More FunctionalSuch new ideas of space designing are often developed as exclusive elements of high class kitchen cabinets. But what can be done if your existing kitchen doesn’t have such innovations?

Use the space between your countertop and the wall cupboards to fit a narrow shelf or railing system on the wall between them. Here it is possible to keep kitchen utensils which usually take space in a drawer or on the counter. It is also convenient to hang other things on railings not only kitchen utensils but also small decorative things etc.
Utilize consoles for holding a microwave on a wall freeing up the working space on your countertop.
Rolling tables can also be used not only for the evening tea-drinking but also for preparation of food.
A bin is not that important, but if you place it right, it can save you a lot of steps when preparing a meal.

Having a functional kitchen is not having to search for things, being able to have a place for everything. It is when everything works comfortably, quietly and easily. Professionally speaking it is when you feel like spending time in your kitchen instead of avoiding it. So make your kitchen not only beautiful but functional.

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