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The Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush’s Ergonomic Design Ensures Comfort and Reduces Joint Stress; Unique Rotating Brush Head Pivots to Paint at Any Angle; Ideal for DIY and Professional Painters

Anyone who has used a typical paintbrush or roller knows how painful and strenuous it can be on your hands, wrists and shoulders. For some, like those with limited manual dexterity or other physical challenges, painting with a traditional brush is virtually impossible.

 Green Toad Pivoting Paint BrushThe Green Toad is the first truly ergonomic pivoting paint brush system that makes it easy and comfortable for anyone to paint quickly and accurately. Designed by Margo International in consultation with physical therapists, the Green Toad system combines and exclusive, patent-pending grip handle with a 360- degree pivoting brush head that reduces the pain and discomfort associated with traditional paintbrushes.

“The paint brush hasn’t evolved much over the last 30 years,” said Lou Schiesz, CEO of Margco International LLC and the inventor of the Green Toad. “But, this product is revolutionary in terms of both comfort and the environment.”

 Green Toad Pivoting Paint BrushThe 360 degree rotating brush head locks securely in eight different positions enabling the application of paint, stain or varnish from any angle. This not only reduces hand and wrist strain, but also improves accuracy in tight spots and challenging trim work. A quick release button on the ergonomic handle makes switching attachments a snap.

“The Green Toad is incredibly versatile. You can changes the bristles between colors,” Schiesz said. “And when you’re ready for a roller, just click it into place and paint from eight different angles without twisting your wrist. Even cross-strokes, which are really tough on the shoulders and elbows, are a breeze with our system.”

While ideal for do-it-yourselfers, the Green Toad is also a smart choice for professional painters for its comfort and ease of use, helping to reduce repetitive stress injuries and the associated time lost.

 Green Toad Pivoting Paint BrushGreen Toad is Green Inside and Out
In addition to being comfortable and convenient, the Green Toad is also actually, well, green. All plastic parts, including the handle, brush heads, bristles and most internal parts, have been treated with Earthgreen polymers, which makes them biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

The Green Toad is compatible with any type of paint, stain, varnish or sealant on the market and it works on any surface. The handle features a lifetime warranty. Available paint head attachments include 1.5- and 2.5 inch tapered brushes, 2 and 3 inch straight brushes, and 4, 6, and 9 inch rollers. Roller extension poles, paint pad attachments and innovative, earth-friendly paint trays are currently under development.


Though I have not used this product enough to know how it will stand up over the long haul. I think the way it functions is really great. It is easy to use and I really like the green aspect of the product. My first impressions are that it would be good for the DIY’er but the professional is not likely to use it. But I think it would be great for those who struggle physically with painting because of arthritis or other physical limitations. It is a good product and well worth the try. Dave


For more information, visit www.thegreentoad.net .

About Margco International LLC:
Margco International designs, manufactures and distributes the Green Toad, the first-ever truly ergonomic and environmentally friendly pivoting paint brush system. Invented by Lou Schiesz for his father who suffered a debilitating stroke, the Green Toad makes it easy for anyone, including those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or other dexterity issues to paint comfortably and easily. The product earned the national Retailers’ Choice Award from Retailing Magazine during the 2009 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. For more information, visit www.thegreentoad.net .

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