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These round birdhouses are interesting, aren’t they? They’re attractive too, both to look at and to live in, judging by the reaction of the tenants that I have built them for. Also, they are easy and inexpensive to make, so why not you try your hand at one or two? They will add charm to your garden or the garden of the person you give it to this Christmas. It will also gain you the appreciation of some of your favorite bird neighbors.

Round Birdhouses
The basic design is the same, whether the house is intended for bluebirds or robins (see images, all diagram images will enlarge if you click on them), or those tiny, talkative wrens. The essential parts are: two wooden disks for the front and back; connecting pieces to form the roof and enclose the nest box or living quarters; roofing material; a perch, and a metal hanger.

Round Birdhouses
The Bluebird and wren houses are identical except in size. For the Bluebird house, as in diagram, the disks are 8.5” in diameter, the entrance is a 1.5” hole, and the nest box is 5” square. Make the bottom of the box removable for cleaning. It is held in with a couple of screws at the front and back. Round BirdhousesThe birdhouse should be hung from a tree limb 10 to 12 feet from the ground.

For wrens, the disks are 7” in diameter, the entrance is 7/8” across, the nest box only needs to be 4” square (but should not be less), and only a 2” piece of 1/4″ dowel for the perch sticking straight out. To keep the birds coming back each year you should clean out the old nest before they start building their nests for the year.

Round Birdhouses
The robin house, shown in diagram, differs from the bluebird type in being an open front shelter, not an enclosed house, which robins will not accept. The front dish is therefore sawed out to give a 6 1/8” opening. Also, the robin house is completed all the way around with narrow strips of wood all sawed on a slight bevel so as to fit close together whereas, in the bluebird house with its square nest box, the strips are used only to form the roof. In both cases, the roof strips and the two eave strips (of ¾” material cut on a bevel as shown) are long enough to overhang the front disk by about 2″. This provides shade and shelter over the entrance and perch of the birdhouse. This house could be hung on the wall of your garage or shed.

Round Birdhouses
I give each house a roof of red, asphalt roofing cut (from a asphalt shingle which you may have kicking around or can be purchased from your local lumber yard from an open bundle of shingles) large enough to extend slightly beyond the roof “timbers” on all sides. As to paint colors, I suggest cream for the bluebird house and gray or brown for the robin shelter. However, they can be chosen to match the color scheme of one’s own house,Round Birdhouses if desired. Of course the color of the roof should blend with that of the house to give a pleasing effect in the landscape. I personally prefer a natural look so I stain and varnish them and then add whatever color roof I like.

This is also a great project to do with your son or daughter. Next summer they will enjoy watching all the activity. Have fun!

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2 Responses to “A Christmas Gift you can make: Round Birdhouses”

This bird house looks neat. I think I’m going to make me one.

If you do send me a picture of it. I would love to have a look.