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Quick and Easy Ways on How to Sell Your Home

Posted by Dave McIntosh on September 11th, 2010

The thing any real estate agent will do first when you hire him is come and see your house for himself. He needs to know the condition of your home and whether it is in a sellable condition. If he is good he will also tell you what things need changing or fixing in order to sell your home quickly.

 How to Sell Your HomeTherefore, what you should be doing even before you hire your agent is find out for yourself what you think needs to be done. The following is a check list of things and areas you need to look out for:

1. Floors and ceiling: what kind of condition are they in?
2. Bathroom and kitchen: look at the fixtures and cabinet. How old are they?
3. Lighting and ventilation: Is everything working properly?
4. Doors and windows: Are the doors working well and how old are the windows?
5. Paint, both on the inside and outside: You want the house to look fresh and inviting.
6. Drainage system around the house: Moist basements are a deal breaker.
7. Condition of driveway and walkway: Does the landscaping and driveway allow for easy access?
8. Home Improvements: Has anything been updated recently?

You should think beyond these general maintenance ideas and take some forward steps to ensure that your house gets sold quickly and without much hassle. Here are some ideas.

Cosmetic Improvements: Keeping the latest trends in mind update your house a bit by repainting some walls. You want to make your house look inviting, which will help impress viewers. You could rearrange the furniture to optimize the living area of your home. Also make sure you decorate your home with good lighting and over all decor. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are looking their best as this is what sells homes.

 How to Sell Your HomeTarget Buyers: Know the type of people that would want to buy your house. Think of the neighbors who have just moved into your neighborhood. Think of what kind of person would be interested in moving into your neighborhood and living in your home. Knowing your target customers will help a great deal in getting your house ready to sell.

Buyers’ Needs: People are very finicky about what they prefer and that is quite normal. Being aware of people’s broader concerns can help you understand and meet their needs. Some of their broader needs pertain to the security of the neighborhood, closeness (to the market place, their work place, schools, etc), and their comfort.

 How to Sell Your HomePricing: At all costs, keep the pricing realistic. If you set the price too high it will probably mean that your house does not get sold quickly. You need to have a good idea of the current real estate prices in your neighborhood and price accordingly. Then negotiate the final price and terms of purchase and sale very carefully.

Legal Aid: Always seek legal advice if there is any doubt. Hiring a lawyer even though it will cost you money usually pays off in the long run when there are question marks about the sale.

Today’s real estate climate has changed significantly. Yet you know that not having to reduce your asking price significantly, and selling your house quickly, will mean a huge savings for you. Regardless of the reason you want to sell, the above tips should help you get the job done.