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Which Decking Designs Are Right For Your Yard?

Posted by Dave McIntosh on May 15th, 2011

Just imagine enjoying a tall glass of something cold while sitting out on your deck and enjoying your yard after a hard day at work. Decks are great summer projects and really not that difficult to build nor as expensive as you might think. The real question is which of the many decking designs is right for my yard.

Figuring out the right decking design doesn’t just happen. It needs to be thought through thoroughly. Often the best place to start figuring out your deck’s design is by taking a walk around your yard and assessing your basic requirements for your deck.

Try answering these questions. How do you want to use your deck?
– For entertaining big groups of people?
– For sunbathing?
– Small children?
– Maybe it will lead to a pool or a spa?
– Do you need a place for your grill or a complete outdoor kitchen?
– Do you want additional features like flower boxes, built in seating, an overhead sun filter or a privacy screen between you and your neighbors?
– Do you want a clear view of the deck or the yard from your house?
– Do you want a screened in area?
– What kind of lighting do you want to make it usable at night?
– How much maintenance are you willing to give it over the years?

 Decking DesignsThere are many more questions you could ask yourself and figuring the answers to these questions will make the right decking design for you a lot clearer.

As you think about your yard, mentally think about the many different decks and features you have seen in person or in a picture and try to put them in your yard. This too will help you have a clearer picture of what you like and want.

Many people today are bringing their indoor living outdoors. You can accomplish this by having the right deck design. You can add an outdoor kitchen or living space with features like cabinets and counter space around the grill or a fireplace as the focus for lounge chairs and couches. No doubt with these features you will want to spend more time in your yard.

Many people use their deck as a focus for gatherings and entertainment for their yard. However don’t forget to include a more intimate space for just you or the two of you when you want to wind down after a long day.

Having a great deck is an investment that adds value and beauty to your home. Also with our lifestyle these days cluttered with work, electronic gadgets, cell phones and much more, it’s great to have a quiet place to get away and regain our focus. A great deck adds an escape and tranquility to our hectic lifestyle. I’m sure you won’t know how you did without it.

Having the right deck design is critical. If designed correctly, it will fit your house, your yard, your lifestyle, and your budget. By planning your deck carefully you will have many years of enjoyment ahead of you!