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Attic Renovation Ideas You can Enjoy

Posted by Dave McIntosh on March 28th, 2010

Most homes have an attic where people put stuff that they no longer use or care for such as old clothes, toys and other items. Why don’t you get rid of them so the space can be made into usable space?

 Attic Renovation Ideas Now this solution isn’t for everyone. Modern homes are built with trusses, which makes the attic space unusable unless they were design for that purpose when they were built (not very likely). Other homes have too small an attic space with not enough headroom to make it usable. But there are a ton of older homes where there is plenty of space in the attic to add some livable space without structural adjustments. Some might need some structural adjustments like beefing up the floor joist but these are relatively easy to do.

Access is another concern. Some attic spaces already have a set of stairs to the attic space while in others you will have to install a new set of stairs to give proper access to this new space. This will eat some of your existing living space, a small bedroom or some closet space but with all the new space available this should be a minor loss.

So to help you get started, here are a few great attic renovation ideas:

 Attic Renovation Ideas An extra bedroom is a perfect idea to convert this area into. This is especially true if your present house only one or two bedrooms, or if your family just has outgrown your present living space. It can also add a lot of closet space.

A children’s playroom is another reno idea to turn your attic into. For that, you will need a soft carpet and a lot of toys. Since children love to draw on the walls and floors, you better be prepared for it because you will be the one to clean it up.

An artist’s or a photographer’s studio is another great idea that you can convert the attic into. For this area provides space for all your materials so you won’t have a hard time working indoors. It can also have a lot of light by adding some skylights.

 Attic Renovation Ideas – It can make a great office space for entrepreneurs that are home based. There should be plenty of space for a desk and some shelves so you can work on your laptop which is much better than working in the kitchen or the bedroom.

The ultimate escape is perhaps the best idea yet for your attic. By converting the attic into a home entertainment room you will be able to read a book or listen to your favorite music or watch movies and major sports events without disturbing anyone in the nearby rooms.

For any of these ideas to move forward, you will first have to check with a building inspector to see if the current structure of the house can be renovated. Chances are they will tell you it is possible as long as it is brought up to code. This means fixing a few things like the flooring, the insulation and the walls and those stairs we talked about earlier.

How long it takes to make a great attic renovation idea a reality is up to you.

It really depends on your needs and when you have answered that question, you will be ready to make your next move because you have to figure out what you want to do with the attic first. Each project has different things that need to happen and that will determine time. It also depends on who is going to do the work. If you are doing it yourself it will take a lot longer than if you are hiring a contractor to do some or all of it.

The ideas I have mentioned are just some of the possibilities when you do decide to renovate the attic. If you need more ideas, look in magazines and on the web.